MANAv mandir Parivar, Savar Kundla (GUJARAT)


Acceptance of virtues as well as vice is a pre-requisite to unconditional love for humanity.

The whole foundation behind my work at Manav Mandir Parivar is an extension of my firm belief
that our world revolves around love and humane attitude towards others. You may be more intelligent,  you may have lot of money or support system, but that doesn't mean that you have the right to look down upon those who are not so fortunate. Their conditions are less privileged, true but despite all their short-comings they deserve the respect and basic humanitarian treatment that every one of us expects from any body else. I started out my mission of changing people's attitudes towards the mentally challenged person in our society. They are immediately exiled with the taunts - Man man, lunatic, idiotic ! As if their existence does not make any difference. Why does this happen ? I believe, this is because of our bias towards perfection, excellence, achievement, money, status ... we are totally indifferent to poverty, sickness, deprivation, exploitation and dismiss it off as bad karma. In reality, there are more underprivileged than privileged people. Just step out of your comfortable homes and see ! 

There are more imperfections in life than perfect examples and heroic people. At Manav Mandir, we teach people to be more compassionate towards the other half, the ignored, dejected, neglected part towards whom modern society turns a blind eye. Our work and also, some of our achievements towards bettering lives of our inmates, is an outcome of this quest. We want people to become more humane, more compassionate and more sentimental, than being judgmental.

Then together, person after person, may be we can change the world for the better!  

A personal message
from the Founder,
P.P. Shri Bhaktiram Bapu.

At the very core of the vast body of work undertaken by Manav Mandir Parivar lies the intrinsic value that we attach to the practice of basic humanity. Humanitarian thought breeds humanitarian deeds and Bhaktiram Bapu's whole message is about unveiling the 'human core' within one and all. Then and only then, can we think of caring about those who are beyond all hope for finding love and care.


We welcome women volunteers, paramedics, researchers,
social workers and students

We are constantly looking for committed, self driven Volunteers, Research / Medical professionals & workers keen to work in the field of therapy and support work. Please email to tell us how you can associate with us.